By Stewart Wrighter

Life jackets are sometimes called life vests or personal flotation devices. Each of these names communicates how important the item is when it comes to canoe accessories and items you need for kayaking. These little jackets can literally save your life and provide you with flotation when you experience a water emergency. Anyone who is concerned with kayak rigging and performing their water recreation safely needs to invest the time and money it takes to get a safe life jacket. Every year there are outdoor enthusiasts who drown while on the water. Though their lives could have been saved for a small investment, they die a senseless death. This is because they did not bother to put on a life jacket. Common excuses include the water not being very deep, their trip being relatively short, or the jacket being too uncomfortable. Some even believe that if they are experienced enough with the water craft, there is no need for a life vest. It is a shame all of their experience never showed them how important the life vest really is.

There is no telling what will happen while you are on the water. No matter how often you have been out and about, the cold, big waves and strong currents can always give you a run for your money. Even if you consider yourself an expert swimmer, you are still at risk. Swimming in a pool or even the ocean is much different than swimming after you have been tossed from a watercraft. You need to view every trip onto the lake or river a risk. No matter how fun it might be, there is still risk involved. You need to do what you can to decrease this risk.

Adult water crafters have two quality choices: foam panel vests or inflatable vests. The form panel vests might come with wide or narrow panels. This has little bearing on the vest’s effectiveness, as long as it fits properly. You should be comfortable in your vest for long periods of time, so feeling uncomfortable is never an excuse not to wear one. You should be able to wear it snugly over a wetsuit or a regular shirt. You should also test it in the water to make sure the fit stays snug. Floating on your back is the safest way to navigate the rapids when you are outside of a boat, so make sure this is also possible when testing your vest.

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Things to look for when testing a vest include whether it creates chafing as you paddle and whether it rides up to your nick or head when you jump in the water. When a vest rides up, it forces you face down into the water, which is obviously not what you want. When buying a vest, ask if you can exchange it for another model if it does not work right.

If you prefer an inflatable vest, it needs to be a Coast Guard approved model. A lot of people make these choices because they do not have to worry about the bulk of the vest unless absolutely necessary. They are not the best choice for whitewater paddlers or for children. They do work well on open waters that are long and spacious. They are very buoyant and can even turn someone who is unconscious upright in the water. If you take a nasty bump to the head during a water craft accident, you can rest assured you will float face up when wearing this sort of vest.

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London serial murder accused Stephen Port makes first court appearance

June 23rd, 2017

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A London man charged on Sunday with drugging and murdering four men made his first court appearance yesterday. Stephen Port, 40, was remanded to appear before a higher court tomorrow.

Port faces four counts of murder and four counts of “administering a poison with intent to endanger life or inflict grievous bodily harm”. He is alleged to have administered overdoses of recreational drug GHB. He allegedly murdered the men at his home before dumping the bodies, after finding victims online using gay dating services.

Three of the deaths were last year. Anthony Patrick Walgate, 23, was found dead on June 19, 2014 in Cooke Street. Port lives in Cooke Street. The other three alleged victims were found in the vicinity of St Margaret’s Church on North Street. Gabriel Kovari, 22, was discovered dead on August 28. Daniel Whitworth, 21, was found dead the following month on September 20. Fourth alleged victim Jack Taylor, 25, was found a year later on September 14.

Whitworth and Kovari were known to each other, according to testimony at inquest. The Metropolitan Police has referred itself to the Independent Police Complaints Commission concerning what police called “potential vulnerabilities in [our response] to the four deaths.” Police did not initially link the deaths.

Special needs teacher Port, who was guarded by three officers in the dock, spoke in court to confirm his identity. He did not indicate if he will deny the offences. He was arrested following a police appeal to trace a man seen with Taylor shortly before his death.

Police at the time released security footage of Taylor’s movements, with an officer telling the press “the man captured on CCTV may well be the last person to talk to Jack.” The four deaths were finally linked and passed to the Metropolitan Police’s serious crime investigators on Wednesday last week.

The Magistrates’ Court ordered Taylor to appear at the Old Bailey, a famed London courthouse, tomorrow. He spent the hearing holding one arm, and repeatedly looking at the floor, whilst clad in a grey tracksuit given to him by the authorities holding him.

Alcácer signs five year contract with Barça; Munir loaned to Valencia

June 23rd, 2017

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Friday, September 2, 2016

On Tuesday, Catalonian football club FC Barcelona announced signing of Spanish striker Paco Alcácer from Valencia C.F. for €30 million. Barcelona is obliged to pay €2 million as add-ons for the 23-year-old striker. Barcelona forward Munir El Haddadi was loaned to Valencia with an option to buy the player for €12 million.

Making hood professional debut in the 2010–2011 season, Paco Alcácer has played 146 domestic matches. He has scored 43 goals for Valencia in all competitions. Alcácer was loaned to Madrid based club Getafe CF for a season where he scored four goals.

Alcácer made his international debut under Vicente del Bosque in 2014 and has scored six goals. After passing hood medicals and signing a five-year contract, Alcácer said, “when I found out about the offer from FC Barcelona I asked the club to listen to it, as it was my decision to take a step forward in my career” ((es)) Spanish language: cuando conocí la oferta del FC Barcelona, le pedí al club que la escuchara, ya que era mi decisión dar un paso adelante en mi carrera .

Munir graduated from Barça ‘s youth academy La Masia and made his professional debut playing a La Liga match at the age of eighteen. He also made his international debut under del Bosque’s management. Munir has played 45 matches for the Catalonians scoring ten goals. Valencia said Munir’s signing was “an important reinforcement for the frontline” of their team.

Paco Alcácer’s presentaton was to be postponed while he completed duties with the international team.

Munir has been allocated the number 9 jersey at Valencia. Barcelona has set the buy-out clause of Paco Alcácer at €100 million; he is Luis Enrique’s sixth signing this season. Previously, Barcelona signed Dutch goalkeeper Jasper Cillessen from Amsterdam-based club AFC Ajax.

Brett Favre says goodbye to NFL at press conference

June 22nd, 2017

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Friday, March 7, 2008

After playing 17 seasons in the United States’ top professional football league, quarterback Brett Favre of the National Football League‘s (NFL) Green Bay Packers bid a final farewell to the sport in an emotional press conference at Lambeau Field on Thursday, saying he is “not up to the challenge” of another season.

“I know I can play. But I don’t think I want to, and that’s what it really comes down to,” the 38-year-old Favre said.

Favre, who officially retired on Tuesday, dressed for the hour-long event in an untucked button-down shirt, blue jeans, and days worth of stubble. “It is on my terms, which is a good way to go out,” he said of his attire. He thanked the Green Bay Packers’ organization, his family, and his fans for their support throughout his career, but reluctantly admitted it was time to move on.

“I’ve given everything I can possibly give to this organization and I don’t think I’ve got anything left to give,” he said, as tears welled up in his eyes. “What matters is it’s been a great career for me. It’s over. As hard as it is for me to say, it’s over.”

His retirement came as somewhat of a surprise to the Packers, who expected he would return for another year. Favre refuted the notion that the Packers did not do enough to get him to return, and assured the organization that nothing they could have done would have affected his decision.

It’s only gotten tougher and something told me ‘You know it’s gotten too hard for you.’

“I know there’s been comments and issues in the press lately about why I’m leaving, whether or not the Packers did enough, whether or not Ted or (coach) Mike (McCarthy) convinced me to stay,” Favre said. “None of those things have anything to do with me retiring, and that’s from the heart.”

He instead offered a simpler reason for his departure: the stress of the job was getting to be too much “I don’t think it would get easier next year or the following year,” he said. “It hasn’t up until this point. It’s only gotten tougher and something told me ‘You know it’s gotten too hard for you.'”

When asked about his future plans, he replied, “Nothing.” This is a new phase in his life, he explained. “I am going to stick to that until I want to do something else.” He and his wife, Deanna, said they will be putting all public events on hold for a year, because, as Deanna said, “Honestly, we both are really tired.” He says they will still be involved with charities in the future, but not as extensively as before.

Favre holds NFL records in most wins by a starting quarterback, most passing yards, most passing touchdowns and most consecutive games started. However, he says that “the statistics part wasn’t that important. I was never really a statistics guy. I hope my legacy is a lot more than that.”

In 2007, he led the Packers to a 13-3 season, but lost in the NFC championship game to the eventual champion New York Giants. The final pass of his career was an interception that resulted in the Giants’ game-winning field goal. Still, Favre believes he is “going out on top”, and he could “care less what other people think”.

“One play, one game, one season, doesn’t define me,” he said. “It has been a wonderful career.”

Tips For Bride To Have A Comfortable Feel During Wedding



Wedding Dresses are the most important feature in the wedding event. The dresses worn by the bride, groom, bridesmaids, mother of the bride and the flower girls will be noticed by all the wedding guests. The wedding dresses for the bride should be selected in such a way that it enhances the beauty of the bride as well as perfect with the theme of the wedding.

YouTube Preview Image

When choosing the wedding dress, the preference should be given based on the design, color, fabric, size and neckline. Before going for a purchase to a shop, get information about the designs of dresses available at present through internet, magazines, newspapers etc. This gives a basic idea in selecting the wedding dress. The next important factor to consider is the fabric. Dresses made from quality fabric will gives a soothing feel to the bride. You can feel the fabric by toughing the material, since visually most of the fabric seems to be similar. If you are not expert in finding a good fabric, you can get help from your friends of family members who are good in selecting the quality fabric. But don\’t forgot quality comes with little price. So balance your budget by finding a dress material from quality fabric at moderate price.

The color of the dress gives the first visual opinion to those who are first seeing the dress. Remember that your wedding gown color should match with the theme of your wedding. So select the color which best reflects your personality during the wedding. If your wedding necklaces, hair jewelry and ear rings have color stones, you can also match with them to find your wedding dress. Choose the neckline of the dress that highlights the necklace designs.

The size of the wedding dress should perfectly fits with the brides body shape thereby enhancing the beauty of the bride. It should also be convenient for normal body movements like sitting, standing, dancing etc. Most of the brides will prefer to purchase the dress smaller than the actual size on the idea that they can become slim by doing some workouts. But this will be successful only for a few brides since most of the brides cannot practice regular workouts as per the training schedule due to wedding works. The result is buying a new wedding dress if alteration could not be possible. Some brides decide to buy the wedding dress just 1 or 2 months before the wedding. But it depends on the location of the wedding. If there are only few stores in your location, then become complicated to find the suitable dress. So have a timely planning to complete all the wedding works to have a comfortable feel during the wedding.

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Flickr launches video-sharing service

June 22nd, 2017

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Flickr, the online photo sharing service owned by American internet company Yahoo!, today launched a new video-sharing service for “Pro” users. After 4 months of waiting since an unofficial “coming soon” on the Flickr forums, subscribers to the service are now able to upload videos of up to 90 seconds in length, or 150 MB in size.

After some criticism over the website diversifying too much, Flickr Community Manager Heather Champ, and Yahoo! spokesperson George Hadjigeorgiou responded by calling these 90-second videos “long photos”, which capture a “slice of life to share”.

Mr. Hadjigeorgiou elaborated, by saying that “digital media has led to new behaviour with digital photography fans and we’ve seen a huge growth in people taking short video clips, essentially ‘long photos’, with their digital still cameras and mobile phones.” He added that he could see “a great resonance between this new category of content and with the kind of authentic, personal moments already being shared on Flickr.”

“Pro” users, who pay a yearly subscription of US$24.95 for unlimited file uploads, have also had their filesize limit increased to 20 MB for each individual photo, and other members, who do not pay a subscription, have had their limit raised to 10 MB per photo. “Free” members are currently unable to upload videos.

Canadian jazz star Diana Krall gives birth to twin boys

Canadian jazz star Diana Krall gives birth to twin boys

June 22nd, 2017

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Canadian jazz star Diana Krall has given birth Wednesday to twin boys named Dexter Henry Lorcan and Frank Harlan James in New York City, where the couple live.

“We are ecstatic!” and the “mother and sons are doing splendidly,” reads a statement released by Krall and her husband, English musician Elvis Costello, best known for songs such as Pump It Up and Alison.

The twins are Krall’s first children. Costello already has a child from an earlier marriage.

Costello, 52, and Krall, 42, shared the birth of their two sons on their third wedding anniversary.

“I have twins on my mother’s side,” Krall told People magazine in September.

Krall, born in Nanaimo, British Columbia, who is a Grammy award winner, and was named an officer of the Order of Canada in 2005, released her latest album titled From This Moment On in September.

The couple married three years ago in a ceremony held at Elton John’s mansion in Surrey, England in December 2003. Paul McCartney and Pamela Wallin, Canada’s consul general to New York were invited among the 150 guests.

Texas authorities obtain DNA from jailed FLDS leader Warren Jeffs

Texas authorities obtain DNA from jailed FLDS leader Warren Jeffs

June 22nd, 2017

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Texas authorities obtained DNA samples from jailed Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS) leader Warren Jeffs on Friday, as part of an ongoing criminal investigation into charges of abuse. Jerry Strickland of the Texas Attorney General‘s office told the Associated Press that the samples were taken from Jeffs while he awaits trial in an Arizona jail. According to the AP, the DNA search warrant alleges that Jeffs had “spiritual” marriages with four girls, ages 12 to 15.

The search warrant was filed in Mohave County Superior Court in Kingman, Arizona. Jeffs is alleged to have sexually assaulted one of the 12-year-old girls after their July 2006 “spiritual” marriage, and is also alleged to have married a 14-year-old girl in January 2004 who gave birth to a child in October 2005. Police say the girl was believed to be about 15 at the time of conception by Jeffs.

Based on all of the above, affiant believes that Warren Jeffs has committed the felony offense of sexual assault of a child.

Texas officials are investigating Jeffs for crimes of sexual assault of a child, aggravated sexual assault and prohibited sexual assault. The search warrant alleges: “Warren Jeffs sexually assaulted a 12-year-old child … on or about July 27, 2006, in Schleicher County, Texas,” according to a copy of the warrant obtained by the Deseret News. “Based on all of the above, affiant believes that Warren Jeffs has committed the felony offense of sexual assault of a child,” wrote Kingman, Arizona police officer Dennis Gilbert in the search warrant. Law enforcement officials say that another marriage took place on April 16, 2005 between Jeffs and a 12-year-old girl.

Jeffs is alleged to have “married” the children at the FLDS compound in Eldorado, Texas. Marital records known in the FLDS as “bishop’s records” allegedly document a January 18, 2004 marriage between Jeffs and a 14-year-old girl. The documents were obtained when Texas authorities conducted a search of the FLDS compound in Texas, the Yearning for Zion Ranch, on April 3. According to the Fort Worth Star Telegram the warrant also alleges that Jeffs married a 14-year-old girl at the YFZ compound on July 22, 2004.

According to the Las Vegas Review, the DNA samples were taken from Jeffs on Thursday afternoon via a cotton swab of the mouth. Kingman police detectives took the sample after Texas authorities asked for help in their investigation of Jeffs. Kingman police executed the search warrant and affidavit of probable cause, and authorities from the Texas Attorney General’s office left Thursday with the samples.

Our investigator was out there yesterday collecting the DNA sample after getting the search warrant signed.

“Our investigator was out there yesterday collecting the DNA sample after getting the search warrant signed,” said Texas Attorney General’s office spokesman Jerry Strickland in a statement Friday to the AP.

In a statement Saturday in the Deseret News, Rod Parker, a Salt Lake City, Utah attorney and FLDS spokesman questioned what evidence law enforcement possessed which could show possible criminal actions by Jeffs. “The question is, do they have any evidence of sexual activity with minors and Warren Jeffs? I don’t know if they do or not. I don’t see how DNA, by itself, proves that one way or another.”

The question is, do they have any evidence of sexual activity with minors and Warren Jeffs? … I don’t see how DNA, by itself, proves that one way or another.

Photos of Jeffs pictured with underage child brides were shown in court last week in an FLDS custody case in Texas. The photos show Warren Jeffs kissing and hugging young girls, and attorneys for Texas Child Protective Services claim that one of the girls shown in the photos is a 12-year-old “bride”. The photos are dated from July 2006 and January 2005.

Jeffs is seen in one set of photos from January 26, 2005 labeled “First anniversary” with a girl called “Loretta”. In another set dated July 27, 2005, Jeffs is shown with a girl referred to as “Merrianne”. Child Protective Services officials said that they have evidence that “Merrianne” was 12 years old when she was married to Jeffs at the YFZ compound. The Vancouver Sun reported that, per a family member, “Loretta” was no older than 12 when she was married.

The investigation into alleged abuses committed by Jeffs is separate from the custody case involving the FLDS in Texas. Texas Supreme Court upheld the decision of the appellate court to overturn a lower court ruling which led to the removal of over 400 children from the FLDS compound by Texas authorities in early April. The appellate court had said that Child Protective Services did not show that the children faced an immediate danger if they were not removed.

Attorneys for CPS had asserted that DNA tests required to confirm parentage were still pending and that parents could take their children back from Texas jurisdiction if they regained custody. The appellate court justices stated that child welfare officials can take other actions to protect the children if necessary, and that the district judge in the case could still place restrictions on the parents and children to assure that they would not flee the state. Texas District Judge Barbara ruled Friday that the 38 mothers involved in the legal complaint which went to the appellate court must first sign an agreement drafted by child welfare officials and the FLDS attorneys before their children are returned to them.

Warren Jeffs was convicted in September 2007 of two counts of being an accomplice to rape related to a 2001 wedding he arranged between a 14-year old girl and her 19-year old cousin. He was sentenced to two consecutive five-year prison sentences in Utah, and faces an impending trial in Arizona on eight charges including sexual conduct with a minor, incest and conspiracy. After his convictions in Utah he was turned over to Arizona authorities to await trial there. He faces charges in Arizona of five counts of sexual conduct with a minor, four counts of incest and one count of conspiracy to commit sexual conduct with a minor.

The FLDS group has approximately 10,000 members total, and was founded in the 1930s. It split from the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) after the LDS Church abandoned the practice of polygamy in 1890.

Health And Safety In The Construction Industry}

June 21st, 2017

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Health and Safety in the Construction Industry


Jo Adido Solutions

Health and safety is relevant to every business that has ever been set up so it is incredibly important to make sure you understand the legal requirements that you need to adhere to as an employer. This includes ensuring all staff: full time, part time, trainees, and others around you such as: customers, neighbours and members of the public are safe.

Below are some tips covering different categories of staff within the construction industry in relation to health and safety.

Main Contractor

There are three actions that main contractors must perform by law. These are project management, contractor engagement and workforce engagement. Project management means you must plan, manage and monitor the construction stage to make sure it is carried out safely and no ones health is at risk. Contractor engagement entails providing information and directions whilst monitoring co-operation and co-ordination between contractors. Workforce engagement involves making sure the workforce is being inducted, informed, trained and consulted on health and safety.

CDM Co-ordinator

The four imperative points a CDM Co-ordinator must follow are advice and assistance, co-ordination and co-operation, pre construction information and designer compliance. You must advise and assist the client on what must be done to comply with the CDM 2007. You should co-ordinate and co-operate during the planning and preparation phase. You must identify and collect the pre construction information and finally, ensure that designers comply with their CDM duties.


As a client, you too need to undertake health and safety actions. You should assess the competence of those involved in the construction contracts and provide pre-construction information. On notable projects a CDM Co-ordinator and Principal Contractor must be appointed. You should establish project management arrangements and review this throughout the tender contracts in action.


Health and safety adherence is not down entirely to managers but also to workers too. As a worker you should take care of your own health and safety and the health and safety of others who may be affected by what you do or fail to do. You should co-operate with your employer and any other people you work with clients or fellow workers, encouraging them to keep the workplace safe. You should never misuse or interfere with anything that is provided purely for health and safety.

Overall, every person involved in tender contracts must be trained in health and safety and abide to the rules that are set out by law. This is to protect you and others around you, preventing and reducing the risk of accidents and at times fatalities.

Constructionline is the UKs largest register of pre-qualified contractors and consultants aiming to deliver efficiency savings to both public and private sector buyers of construction services for construction projects. Our site also offers tips on

construction contracts

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Health and Safety in the Construction Industry }

Bangladesh security tightened following Pilkhana massacre and Bashundhara City fire

Bangladesh security tightened following Pilkhana massacre and Bashundhara City fire

June 21st, 2017

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Following the Pilkhana massacre which occurred February 25 and 26 leaving 74 dead and the inferno at the Bashundhara City shopping mall complex March 13 leaving seven dead, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said security measures are being tightened countrywide across Bangladesh.

Fire drills will be enacted at all key-point installations (KPI). Fire fighting systems will be examined by the fire brigade and the public works department (PWD) to ensure functionality. Security measures will be enhanced supplementing areas under private security such as at the Bashundhara City Complex.

The Fire Service and Civil Defence Department requires modernization and needs new equipment to fight fires past the sixth floor of buildings. The Fire Brigade says it needs turntable ladders, snorkels, foam-tenders, lighting units, emergency tenders, fireproof uniforms, and rescue ropes for fire fighting and rescue operations. Transportation to fires is also an issue due to narrow roads, low electrical wires and congestion.

The Bangladesh National Building Code requires fire fighting equipment installed in buildings over seven floors. This code is to be monitored by authorities to ensure compliance with the new guidelines and to make sure buildings are being maintained.

The Bashundhara City Complex opened Monday for shoppers two days after Friday’s blaze. A probe is underway to determine the cause of the fire and to assess structural damage.

Loss of life was minimized as the blaze broke out on a Friday, the beginning of the weekend in Bangladesh, so offices in the upper floors were empty. The lower eight floors are used for shopping and the upper floors are all Bashundhara Group offices.

The mall is valued at Tk 7.0 billion (US$100 million). It is not known if the complex is covered by fire insurance.

It is estimated that it will take over two years to rebuild the area damaged by flames which were burned down to a skeleton. Bashundhara City’s technical advisor, Latifur Rahman, estimated damages at Tk 2.0 billion (US$29m).

Only one television cameraman has been allowed in to film the burnt area. None of the 2,500 shops, cinemas or cafes were burnt by the inferno. The seventh and eighth floors still experience smoke damage, and there was water damage to merchandise.

A three member committee is currently investigating the cause of the fire which will consist of Iqbal Khan Chowdhury, joint secretary of the ministry, representatives of the police, IGP Noor Muhammad, and fire brigade, Director General Abu Nayeem Md Shahidullah. The committee is required to report within the week with their findings. The forensics department is also sifting through the burnt remains.

The Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industries has also formed a committee which has begun interviewing witnesses and recording their testimony alongside the government committee.

It has been discovered that 150 closed circuit cameras were not being used when the fire started. Another mystery is why the mall fire fighting system has been found unused.

Why the fire burnt so fiercely is a matter to think….These matters seem to be mysterious

“In the shopping mall there is an ultra-technology elevator which runs even without electricity but we have found that locked,” Iqbal Khan Chowdhury, joint secretary (Police) of the home ministry, said. “Why the fire burnt so fiercely is a matter to think. We have to see if there was any incendiary substance there. These matters seem to be mysterious.”

Mall management has been asked to submit substances and items which would have been in the upper floors when the fire started. The fire erupted on the 17th floor and spread quickly to the two floors above and engulfed the three floors below. The aerial ladders belonging to the Fire Service and Civil Defence reached as high as the 13th floor of the 21-storey building.

Videos have been sent to the United States (US) for examination to assist in determining the cause of the fire and to help in the damage assessment. Experts from the US are expected to arrive soon.

Firefighters were brought to the rooftop of the 20-storey tower by helicopter. The only fatality in this operation was Baki Billa, a firefighter of Bashundhara City firefighting department, who fell when climbing down a rope from a helicopter to the roof of the building. Three other firefighters made the transition safely. At this same time, the chief security officer was safely rescued by the Bangladesh Air Force helicopter, a Bell 212. Six security officers of the complex also lost their lives.