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How to Shop at Furniture Stores Effectively


Jordan Rocksmith

Many people really enjoy shopping at furniture stores in the Sarasota, FL, area and could do so for hours. But if shopping for home decor is not your favorite pastime, then you might like some tips on how to reduce the time you spend doing it. Here are four ideas to help you get your shopping done effectively without spending a lot of time on it.

Purchase Furniture Sets

Most furniture stores display their furniture in sets. Instead of looking at couches side by side, you’ll see an entire living room on display. While you’re not required to purchase all of it together, you might like to do so. The furniture sets might even come with lamps and knickknacks as well.

Buying sets really helps if you don’t enjoy trying to match things together. But you still need to make sure to buy what you want. If you want a couch that allows you to put your feet up, then you should find a couch you like before worrying about finding a matching coffee table.

Look for Clearance Items

Furniture can be expensive. If you’re not sure what you want or don’t have anything specific in mind, you may want to look at the clearance section first. The furniture on clearance isn’t any better or worse than the rest of the furniture. Generally, these are simply pieces that are no longer being made or sold. You might also get a reduction in price for buying a floor model.

If you’re concerned about spending too much money on furniture, it might be a good idea to keep an eye on store-wide sales as well. Last but not least, you can always ask about additional discounts, attractive financing terms, or free shipping options to reduce the impact on your wallet.

Test the Furniture

Some items are bought for looks, but most furniture serves a purpose. For example, a couch is made for sitting on. Therefore, you need to sit on the couch to see if it’s comfortable. You should try sitting in different positions and lingering for a while. Finally, pay attention to how easy it is get up. A couch you can sink into might be nice to sit on, but if you have a hard time getting up, then you won’t enjoy owning it for very long.

When you purchase dressers or armoires, you should also open drawers and doors to make sure you like how it functions. Additionally, it’s important that you have enough space to store the items you want to keep in such places.

Shop with a List

In order to avoid getting overwhelmed at the furniture store, you might want to go shopping with a list. This way, you know what you need to buy. Here is a list of essential furniture pieces you might want to start with:

A bed frame and nightstand

Dining room table and chairs

Couch and coffee table

Entertainment center

Additional dressers

Following is a list of accessories that will make your house look like a home:


Area rugs

Wall decor (pictures, wreaths, etc.)



The great thing about going shopping at furniture stores in the Sarasota, FL, area with a list is that you won’t end up purchasing an end table when you really needed to buy a couch first. Starting with the essentials is important, because they set the tone for the accessories you need. Additionally, it’s not really fun to sit on the floor and watch your favorite shows even if you have an end table to put the TV remote on. Last but definitely not least, before you purchase anything big, it’s important to measure the available space you have to make sure it will fit and look good where you want it to be.

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How to Shop at Furniture Stores Effectively

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The best interior design and product design courses will offer furniture design modules. If you want a career in furniture design, a degree in either field will qualify you. Depending on the country you are in, one of the two degrees will be more popular. So, search on furniture design jobs in your area just to be sure.

Even if your search results prove the other course to be more popular, you can still pursue your course of interest. Just be prepared to impress with a strong portfolio or several relevant internships.

How to choose the best course:

Begin with the end in mind. Search for your dream job online!

1) Do a basic search on job portals like jobstreet or jobsdb for furniture designer, interior designer or product designer.

2) Shortlist the jobs you like best based on the job description and responsibilities.

3) Look at the job requirements and find out which skills or certifications you need most.

You may be discouraged at first thinking that the job will not be there when you graduate. So it might put you off from searching. In actual fact, the design industry has a high turnover rate as designers are always hopping around for better opportunities. So it would help to search up some reputable interior design or furniture design companies.

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3) Visit the school and see if they have professional facilities like workshops and computers with designing software.

Still have trouble deciding?

These are three key differences between interior designers and product designers:

1) Design and creative skills

The interior designer can:

– Analyze spaces in real estate.

– Visualize the best creative treatment for given job instructions and budget.

– Understand architecture and how best to utilize space given.

The product designer can:

– Understand the properties of various materials to achieve the best results according to job instructions and budget.

– Create products from old materials to give objects a new life.

– Work with engineers to create attractive appearances for electronic objects or machinery like laptops or cars.

2) Professional contribution to society

The interior designer:

– Creates different atmospheres and illusions by playing with dcor, colors, and lighting. They make indoor environments pleasant to be in or suitable for work productivity.

The product designer:

– Invents new product variations to enhance looks, quality, and/or user-friendliness of various objects.

3) Job scopes

The interior designer can take on the following assignments:

– Housing interior design

– Design for F&B outlets

– Office design

– Exhibition design

– Retail design

The product designer can take on the following assignments:

– Product customizing

– Electrical product designing

– Lighting design

– Transportation design

– Spatial Design

And the list above is non-exhaustive! Generally, the more assignments you can take on as a designer, the higher your market value. You can command a higher salary. And widen your choices of career opportunities.

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